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Mobile + Web Based MVP - What do I need to know before I start?

Hi guys,

Creating a MVP that is a property management platform for landlords and tenants. My goals are to create a website and iOS (for now) app that tenants can


  1. Pay Rent (credit card, venmo, ACH)
  2. Submit maintenance requests
  3. Communicate with property manager/owner direct (incl. communicate #2)
  4. Manage user profile
  5. View lease documents


  1. Same functionality as iOS app
  2. Tenants and other user can search the map with filters to find new apartments (just like Zillow, PadMapper, etc)
  3. Landlords have a web based summary of who’s paid rent, how many units they have vacant, when leases are coming due (lots of attention to UX), etc

I have a lot more I want to build for this platform, but I think the above is the first thing that makes sense to build. I’m a new bubble user, so I haven’t built anything yet, but have done a few online courses to get familiar with the program. Anything I should be aware of? Like, do I need to build the web platform first and then built separately the app based functionality? I’ve seen BDK Native mentioned but don’t know anything about it. How can I connect payments with bank transfers or venmo/paypal? I’ve seen Stripe but that’s only for CC payments correct?

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Hi Austin!

Welcome to the platform. Newbie here as well. Sounds like a great platform you are building and pretty straightforward.

While also doing your bubble lessons, definitely check out Udemy as they have some quick paced lessons that will help you build your platform. I’m only a few hours in and I could build most of what you are wanting

Also check out Gaby from Coaching No Code Apps

Good luck on your journey!

Hi @austinm911

Welcome to Bubble. In my opinion, it’s better to create a responsive application that will work fine on the web and iOS/Android. Simply from the beginning do your application with the lowering limit of 320 x 560. Stripe accepts ACH. So it is possible to create with Bubble the entire project and have a single application to maintain.

Once finish build your native app with BDK or with the free native Jasonelle.

Thanks for your input! This may be a basic question, but what is a lowering limit?

And @brian3 good tips too. I’ve just finished one Udemy course and have started watching Gaby’s videos. Very helpful so far.