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Hello Bubble Community! My name is Tyler G. and I am the Chief Executive Officer of Modern Solutions. I am here today to write about Modern Solutions in an attempt to inform upon who we are and what we provide. Modern Solutions was founded in October 2017 with the hopes of providing one of the first Bubble CADs to FiveM Roleplaying communities. Since, we have grown to over 400 people and currently have about 150 communities using our products. Our mission and goals has always remained the same providing affordable & modern solutions to community problems. CADs are not all we do, we also host Game, Voice, and Web services to help communities come to a “one stop shop” for everything they will need. We keep many different FiveM Developers close by to help our customers with any problems or development help they may need!

What CADs do we have?
Elite Edition (Base price of $19.99) - Our Elite Edition CAD is the second CAD made by me and other Modern Solutions Developers designed for communities with lower traffic that need a CAD/MDT product.

Pictures of our Elite Edition are here -

Onyx Edition (Base price of $125) - Our Onyx Edition CAD is the third CAD made by Codurly and given exclusively to Modern Solutions to help communities get this product. This product is the former DoJRP CAD and was developed over a span of 9 months.

You can find some pictures of the Onyx Edition here -

We encourage anyone with questions about our products or services to email us using [email protected]. All contact information is below!

Discord -
Email - [email protected]
Website (We have Live Chat!) -

Onyx CAD -
Elite CAD -

We are always looking to help if you are building your own CAD/MDT feel free to reach out and we’ll help in any way we can!


I highly recommend Onyx version!


I’m interested in the CAD but an unfortunate draw back for public communities it is a hassle for civilians to register.


With our Elite CAD, we can modify it to allow for anyone to register and be automatically whitelisted for Civilian. FiveReloaded, one of our FiveM Partners is a very large Public Server and they use our Onyx Edition, they just approve people as they register.

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Last time i checked its against’ TOS to sell bubble sites…


It’s clear you didn’t fully check then. We have reached out to Bubble and as long as we are using our own original content and not using templates we are fully allowed to sell our work.


@ModernSolutions I can second what you said as I have also contact bubble administrators and was told I can sell it as a individual thing or I can put it as a template. And @ModernSolutions can you message me on here I got a quick question.

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Can you release one as a template or make me one? My discord is- Cole #9210

Friend Request Sent.

Hey Modern solutions do you offer a free lite version like Ventex Hosting? My has quite a lot of the Elite features so we only require the basics so I want to buy but not pay for features I won’t use. Could there be like a £5 one but with basic features like Ventex do here Also I had to wait 20 minutes till I gave up for your live chat.

How long did you wait for VentexHosting to answer their live chat?

Actually it only took a minute. It sucks that there plans are out of stock though. I can’t understand why.

They said they might have them back in stock on the 13th

@Zamzam5403 @adam2 Unfortunately, we still aren’t able to verify that Ventex Hosting is an authorized CAD provider, so I can’t compare our plans to theirs.

can i use your cad even though i live in sweden?

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Yes! The CAD is in English and that currently is not changeable, but if that works, of course!

@ModernSolutions I am interested in your “starter” rocketcad account. I input my payment information yesterday and have not received any email confirmation or instructions on what to do next. Can you help?

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Head into your Owner Panel ( and click “Support” there you can find all the ways we can help you out with any questions. We don’t regularly monitor bubble.

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Hey @ModernSolutions! I have a small query for you: How about were you able to get permission to sell the Codurly CAD without breaking Bubble’s Terms of Use? Thanks for your time

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In Bubble’s eyes, as long as we can have an official purchase agreement with Codurly, we’re good to sell the apps, now the Codurly CAD is also not a traditional bubble template found on