Modified database entries

I have these Modified data in my database data list. I had used .csv files to upload data. What do I do with these? Are they included with the type “Class” that does not have this modifier? Not sure how they got created and what to do with them? Thank you.

These are just different views of your data type “All Classes”. You can get rid of these if you wish without any impact on that Classes data type.


Ah, Thank you so much.

I keep getting these ‘All modified’ and they keep reappearing… how do I stop this?

Hey @martin10
It appears when you add hidden fields to view from default table (example ALL Users)
You can delete it from here
Screenshot 2022-09-05 at 16.37.41
Instead of displaying hidden fields every time from default table (All Users)
You can use the view & display hidden fields which already exists (So it won’t create new views every time)

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