Modify a record in airtable with related tables

Hello guys !
I am having a problem trying to edit a record in airtable. Here is the problem:

  • I have a table with users that have tasks. These tasks are related to a tasks table.
  • When I create a user, I assign him several tasks.
  • In the backoffice, I have the possibility to modify the user’s parameters: name, first name, email… and his tasks! I can add a new one or delete one.

In airtable, adding tasks when creating the user works well.
However, when I modify the user’s tasks in the backoffice (add or delete), it deletes all the tasks in the user table of airtable :frowning:

Can you help me find out the issue ?

Translated with (free version)

“set list” overwrites the existing list.
What you need to do is use the existing list and add the 1 new item to it.
To do this I first modified the user I want to add (for you task) in a previous step.

2021-06-24 14_46_50-Lauunch _ Bubble Editor

then in next step I set the list to existing list plus the user from previous step.

I see but I can’t select modified date in my field selection :confused: How do you manage to do that ??
In my database, it’s a “build in field”