Modify Airtable Record "add" is "replacing"

Hello fellow Airtable junkies. Been using the integration for a while, but writing data is something I’ve been challenged with.

I have the following setup:


  • Airtable tables: People + Sector (1-to-many link)


  1. RG Sector (populated with Airtable:Sector). Checkbox inside each cell, checked if a user has that sector associated w/ them in Airtable.



  • The goal is to update the Sector(s) associated w/ a user that are checked.
  • When I try to modify an Airtable record and “add” a Sector… it doesn’t add it in Airtable, it replaces the existing entry. (image below)
  • If I were able to get “add” to work properly, there doesn’t appear to be an option to “remove” an item. (image below)
  • Finally, I tried “set list” but I can’t get it to pick only the items that have been checked.


Appreciate some help in understanding how to properly go about this!

  • I cannot share a link to let you see this for security reasons.

Got a note from support they were able to confirm this behavior and are sending to engineering for review.