Modify list in the database

Hi, I need help.
The system modifies the Hank numeric field of a category list. But it is to change only the fields that have values ​​greater than the values ​​of the categories of the company that performs the action. I’m not getting it because the company has a list of categories. How is it possible to resolve this? Thanks in advance.

Try using :filtered Advanced and see if you can build the conditions up properly that way.

with these options available does not work. I tried to.


You want the filter on the “Do a search for Categorias” not inside the rank constraint. Then you will constrain the rank using the Advanced: operator

Hi friend, I got it another way. As there are up to three categories, I repeated the image flow 3 times and in the rank constraint I used item#1 … item#2 and item#3
thank you very much for your time.