Modify the browser alert when an email is already in use?

I’d like to change the alert and use the database to tell the user which social media platform they used to sign up with.

So instead of saying: This email is already in use: ‘email’

I’d like it to say: This email is already in use: ‘email’ with ‘platform’. Please sign in with
‘platform’ on the login screen.

Hey there @sstone,

My suggestion is to not rely on the JavaScript alerts and create your own. You can do that by using the “Unhandled Error” workflow then the particular code for that error to show a collapsible group

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If the user is not logged in and I store the sign up method in the database under their account, how could I retrieve this information to let the user know?

I’m confused, what do you mean?

When a user registers with a platform, I log that information into their profile as “Sign Up Method”. Lets say a week later they try to sign back in but they choose a different platform but it uses the same email. It won’t let them login but my goal is to tell them which platform they used without giving away too much information. I can’t simply use the current users sign up method because they’re not logged in.

Could you parse the error message, retrieve the email address, and then look up (search for) the user?

Alternatively, you could simply show a generic message and present the login options again - perhaps removing the login option they just attempted to use, since you know that’s not the one they used originally.

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