Modifying a field's field

Hello everyone! Im making a physical activity web app. I have 3 data types: “exercises”, “programs”, and “users”. I have a library of exercices and a library of programs (each program is composed of a selection of exercises). I can add exercises and/or programs to one user, but when I want to add exercises to a program of a specific user, I can’t find a way to adapt the program only to the specific user without modifying the program itself (thus modifying the program for every other user).

What I do in workflow is the following:

→ Make changes to a list of “programs”
→ Type of thing: “programs”
→ List to change: “programs list” (which is a custom state that allows me to store all the programs I want to modify)
→ Field to change: “exercises” add “exercises list” (which is a custom state that allows me to store all the exercises I want to add)

But this only add selected “exercises” to the selected “programs”, but its not tied to the selected user. So is there a way to modify the “exercises” inside of the “programs” field in the user data type ?

Seems like you’d have to clone the existing program / create a new one and link it to the user so that any changes to it will only impact the user’s program. You’d prob want to set privacy rules based on programs not linked to a user (treating those as global ones).

Thanks for the answer ! Using the same logic, if I want to adapt an exercise (lets say, instead of 3 series of 10 repetitions, I want my user to do 2 series or 20 repetitions), I guess I need to use the same logic and create a copy of the exercise only for this user ?

I worry it might be resource intensive…

I’d think that would be the best way. You could have variations/tage of exercises (e.g., light = 2/3 of series of default exercise, or Intense = double repetitions), but make sure there are consistent ways in which a exercise would modified.

In what way? storage isn’t expensive, especially relative to WUs

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