Modifying a thing's data


I’m trying to do the following:

  1. The user inputs 3 inputs (2 x text, 1 x date) in a popup and a new thing called ‘Single Vehicle Claims’ is created.
  2. The popup is closed, and the user then continues to fill out a few other questions all with radio buttons having mostly ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers.
  3. When the user reaches the bottom of the questions, the ‘Save’ button is clicked and the thing called ‘Single Vehicle Claims’ should be changed to include the answers to the questions the user just answered, all with their own field name.

I’ve tried to do this by doing the following:

  1. Make the popup of type ‘Single Vehicle Claim’
  2. Make the group where the radio button questions are asked of type ‘Single Vehicle Claim’ and the data source: ‘Popup’s Single Vehicle Claim’
  3. Workflow: When button save (of the radio button questions group) is clicked, make changes to Popup’s Single Vehicle Claim. Add the new fields and use dynamic data to then assign the question answers to these fields.

The problem I’m having is the thing is coming up in the database, and so are the new field names which are created in the ‘Make changes to a thing’ workflow, but there is no actual data for each field. The only data is the three questions initially asked in the popup.

I hope this makes sense - any help at all appreciated.

Thank you!


In my opinion, I think your first step should NOT be created just yet. When close the popup, you just hide it. Then continue with the questions and once the user clicks ‘Save’ - everything you asked is created at this point in one place (including the first 3 inputs in your first step). No need to modify any data.

Thank you, that works. I had it in my mind that if the user closed the popup without saving that data it would dissapear.

The problem you are having is that there is no data being referenced. Once you close the popup, you need to display/send that new “thing’s” data to the parent group of the radiobuttons before you close the popup. To achieve this:

Step 1: When you click “next/continue” or any button/icon that creates a new “Single Vehicle Claims”, run a workflow that displays that data to a group (parent group of radiobuttons). Then close the popup.

Step 2: Now set the parent group’s Type of Content to “Single Vehicle Claims”. Once you’ve answered the questions, you can then click “Save” which will run a workflow to modify the groups data.