Modifying an RG's content data with a button inside each cell


I have a problem with the “FileUploader” element.
I have a Repeating group that lists the images of an item (item is a type, which contains the field “itemImages”, which is a List of files).
In each cell, I put an “Upload” button, which is a File Uploader, and I want it to have the following workflow : if I upload a file in a cell, I want to modifiy the RG’s content data (the item’s images) by replacing the current cell’s image with the image I just uploaded.

I thought it would be possible to do that with the option “Enable auto-binding on parent element’s thing” but it keeps saying that the parent element can’t be modified or has no type of content.

However, the parent element (which is the RG) 's type of content is “file”, and the data source is the item’s images. So I guess it’s well defined.
Furthermore, I allowed the auto-binding of the field “itemImages” in the privacy section of my data tab, for the admins AND everyone else… So I guess it should be modifiable.

Finally, I tried solving this issue with a workflow : I created the event “when the fileUploader’s value is changed… > make changes to a thing…” but I can’t change the current cell nor the RG’s data …

If you have any idea how to solve this, that would be awesome !
Thanks a lot

Hi @thomas.gounot, were you able to figure out a way here?
I am also stuck with a similar use case

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