Modifying Repeating Group based on Dropdown Selection

I’ve run into an issue trying to modify the output of a repeating group based on a dropdown selection. Seems like all the pieces are here to get the right outcome and hopeful someone is clever enough to figure out a way to do this.

Database is a set of different gigs, that includes the name of the company, gross pay (national), net pay (national) and then gross pay and net pay for a handful of markets (LA, Houston, etc).

Repeating groups start by showing the different jobs, (name, logo, gross pay, net pay), ranked by gross pay, all at the national level. Easy enough.

The complication comes when the user selects a particular market they are interested in from the drop down. What is a process that uses this input to show now the gross pay and net pay for this market, and not the national ones? From my experimenting, filtering doesn’t work since I’m looking for a field across all the entries in a thing, versus all the fields of an entry (e.g. column vs row). Any clever ideas of how to make this work?