Monitoring Bubble Apps Made Easy: Introducing Flusk Monitor 📊 | View logs visually, catch errors instantly

Would love to give this a try.
Looks great!

Sounds good, thanks for your help!
I’ll get in touch by DM :rocket:

Looks amazing! Would love to try it out as well

Thanks, Ryan!
I just sent you a message :partying_face:

I want to join

Let me get in touch by DM @yorgio1024 ! :slight_smile:

I love the look of this dashboard. Do you have any plans of being able to use the design to incorporate “normal” app data into it? i.e. I’m building a waste tracking app and would like to see the data from that into a similar layout. Similar to what Grafana (not available with bubble) does here-

Mmmh that’s interesting @tony10!
I don’t know Grafana, but I’m afraid this would not completely fit into Monitor.
It would be, at first glance, a bit complex to make it work for all use cases of our customers.
But I’ll have a more in-depth look into it, and evaluate how we could integrate this.
Thanks for the request!

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Also, feel free to submit it on our ideaboard.
Almost all of the most upvoted ideas get implemented :grinning:

Product Feature Reveal #5

Let’s keep the good momentum! Today, I’d like to showcase you a new Flusk Monitor feature.

Today’s feature: Webhooks on custom filters

The problem

3 days ago, I showcased you the Custom Filter on Logs feature.
That is great… but… it’s still not good enough.
We your users faces an error, you want to be alerted. You don’t want to manually log in to Flusk, and see if some users faced errors today.
You want to be instantly notified. :rotating_light:

The solution

Alerts are nice, but we know you’re all using different platforms to communicate:

  • …Slack
  • …Discord
  • …Notion
  • …Asana
  • …Monday
  • …and so on

That’s why we made possible webhooks on custom filters.
This means whenever a log enters your custom view, we will instantly send a POST webhook to the URL you want (whenever a log enters in this table).

Let’s take a concrete example:
You just created a custom filter on Flusk to match the following logs:

  • App version = live
  • Log type = failed because of error
  • Page name = ‘dashboard’

Every time a log will match these conditions, you’ll be alerted.

Want to try it out?
Just leave a message in this thread, and I’ll get in touch by DM! :partying_face:

Product Feature Reveal #6

Let’s continue this way! This feature is now live for our alpha-testers.

Improvements: Flusk Error Catcher

It’s been a while without update, but for a solid reason… the error monitoring is now working!
It’s really cool, because as far as I know it will be the first of its kind on Bubble, it’s able to:

  • Detect errors from the logs
  • Group occurrences by error type
  • P - Get the occurrence details such as URL, user, …
  • P - Take a screenshot when the error occurs
  • P - Catch errors that even Bubble logs don’t catch

I know, and if you’re wondering about the P : it’s the features that need our plugin installed in order to be enhanced.

We’ve been extensively testing this plugin for the last 3 weeks, and it’s now very stable and should have no impact on performances (except 20-50 milliseconds lag when an error occurs, for us to take the screenshot and send a report).

Looking forward to tell you more, and to get you all onboarded!

PS: If you’d like to join us in private alpha… reply to this thread and I’ll add you :slight_smile:

Hey @weswas,

It looks like you guys made an awesome product here! I’d love to try it out :+1:


I’d definitely would like to look at your tool! Can I have an invite?


Hi @mnezaikin.subs,

Sure! Let me get in touch via DM.
Thanks for your support! :heart:

Product Feature Reveal #7

This is the last serious release of this alpha, before we move on with smaller feature and bug fixing.
Let’s see what it is!

:rotating_light: Error Reporting and Alerting

Error Reporting

This is a GAME-CHANGER. Thanks to this feature you’ll be able to see the errors during runtime of your app.
Flusk enriches everything so can find all the information required to fix the issues, and if you have our Flusk Enriched Errors plugin installed, you’ll be able to capture screenshots when error occur :raised_hands:
So, to summarize the Error Reporting feature:

  • Capture errors from Bubble logs
  • Capture screenshots when error occur
  • Capture advanced logs from the error like the JS error message, page URL, …
  • Group error occurrences into groups of the same error
  • Identify users impacted by the errors
  • Send notifications on new errors
  • In the near future, predict the error sensitivity, responsible plugins, …


The second interesting feature from this release is the Alerting tab.
There, you will be able to setup webhooks and notifications (to Slack or your Bubble app) on specific events related to your app. :partying_face:
For now, this includes the following:

  • On live deployment
  • On new changes on a specific version
  • Based on a custom filter on logs

We’re actually excited to hear if you have any other events in mind that would be relevant (active users, collaborator added…)

Next steps

Both features above are really at the heart of the new monitoring part of Flusk.
We’re really eager to get your feedback on these, either here or through the widget on the dashboard.
Thanks for all the feedback we received so far and sorry for the late replies to some of you (we were really prioritizing new features over bug fixing first, and… we also had a few holidays in the way + 2 conferences to prepare :smiley:)

Again, feel free to share feedback, ideas, suggestions. We’re really relying on you for that part :rocket:
Regarding the product, we’ll now be entering bug-fixing mode :bug: until all these features are top-notch (especially the visual log viewer that is still really early-stage and buggy)
Then we’ll release the new Flusk Monitor 2.0 and keep adding all the other monitoring features outside the alpha :smiley:
Love :heart:

Want to join us for FREE for the alpha-testing phase?
It’s still possible! :rocket:
Just reply to this thread, and we’ll get in touch by DM!


Oh, and I see we forgot to mention: the Error reporter also catches server-side errors and errors generated from the backend.
With no additional implementation! :partying_face:

This sounds like an amazing feature.How can I in?

I would be very keen to join your Alpha testing phase!

(Context: today I learned the hard way the price of my poorly written looping backend workflow and overages :sob:)

How to join the alpha?

Hi @weswas , I would be very interested in joining the Alpha, I’m using webhoox and backends wf and it’s so frustrating to have a look to the logs and just seing nothing…