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Monthly Community Update -- April 2021

The rich text editor plugin has been a source of headaches for you guys, but I’m glad you aren’t giving up on it. We need robust text editors because that’s what our clients expect. Thanks for continuing to work on it @josh .


@josh or anyone for that matter.

Would the new ability to call API’s direct from the browser allow for HIPAA compliance if we were to use an external HIPAA compliant database seeing that this information is now not passing through the backend?


+1 this. I’d love to see bubble sign BAA’s!

The approach of essentially de-identifying data and storing only PHI on a HIPAA compliant database and running things client side is an alternate approach to HIPAA compliance (you can read here). I feel like we already practice this pattern when using a service like Stripe, where they store credit card info on their complaint servers and we store only non-regulated de-identified customerID or subscriptionID in our bubble servers that we use.

@josh @emmanuel are you able to run this by your legal team. If we do not run or store any PHI through our bubble servers, and thus bubble is only interacting with de-identified data (which is not regulated by HIPAA), we would be essentially taking away any of the administrative specifications/responsibilities of HIPAA from bubble.


I was having the same question in my head today. I want to use firebase firestore to Store personal health information because they will sign the BAA.

If I only use the mobile app for the front end. All API calls are done from the client side. Does this qualify as Hipaa compliant?

Hi New York! You ALL DO ALL THE TIME a FANTASTIC JOB, thanks and all the best, Alexander from GmbH

Nice update

See this is interesting! But no where to be found. Is it no longer vacant?


I just discovered you were doing these monthly community update, as I’m not on the forum anymore, it’s hard to know about it.
Could you advertise it once a month on the changelog feature inside the editor? (gift icon)
I’d love to get to know about it from there!


Great news on all fronts. Thanks, @josh!

Hey, @josh, is this for creating PDF´s natively?

Or will we also have the ability to view PDF’s that are private files?
I think that viewing more types of private files from the browser (without leaving the web app), would be very useful for many :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

@josh will the new responsive engine help with page speed? There are tons of threads on the forum trying to figure out how to improve bubble’s page speed with very few answers. Here is the most recent discussion that I responded to.

Re: HIPAA – we don’t have much in-house expertise on this right now. On a common-sense level, if Bubble doesn’t have any way of accessing the data, then Bubble’s security practices and compliance isn’t relevant to whether you’re being compliant, but I am not an expert on this. Maybe the TrueVault team can provide more guidance? We plan to start hiring more compliance expertise later in the year, but probably not til closer to year end.

Re: Success hiring in Europe – yes, this is still open! We’re planning on updating our jobs page to reflect this shortly, but in the interim, feel free to apply to the “New York” position and then just add a note letting us know where you are based.

@GammaMat – great idea, we plan to start doing this next month

@hacker – this is just for creating PDFs, not viewing them, but feedback noted!

@StarrK_Designs – I think there’s a good chance this helps, yes, but we haven’t tested for performance yet, we’re still finalizing the look and feel. That said, the new system should be much more efficient and make the page feel snappier


Really appreciate it!

Good morning @josh and thanks for the updates.

Can you tell us how is the PDF development going? Do you think it´ll be available in May?

Thanks a lot.

Public or Private beta?


Seems like it will be private, but hopefully easy to opt in to test and give feedback. Rather not get a shock when the engine eventually launches.

We developers are always optismitic about finishing a piece of software. :slight_smile: But would be nice to have a road map and keep us tuned for new features. God Speed!

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just commenting to get updates in here for the beta responsive mode <3

Do you still think their will be a BETA version mid june?