Monthly Community Update -- August 2021

When evaluating “and” or “or” expressions, we avoid unnecessarily evaluating the second half if we know the answer from the first half .

Very happy about this. I’ve naturally tried to design conditions to work this way anyways, so its good to know they will now pay off in terms of performance.

We added an “Arbitrary Text” data source to make it easier to build dynamic expressions that start from a chunk of text

Also VERY useful, thank you for adding this.

One way we may be able to effectively spend our new cash for short-term reliability wins is on QA: we’re exploring some options for outsourced QA that could potentially quickly move the needle on how much breaking code makes it to production.

As someone who’s found a number of platform bugs so far (including a couple of security ones), and often been discouraged at the response to my reports, I’d love a bug bounty program, even if it just offered credit towards your bubble plans.

The complete redesign of our editor is still in testing and bug fixing mode. We’ve been having the whole team use it internally, and have uncovered a bunch more issues in the process. In contrast to the new responsive design engine, I want to temper expectations here: we’re trying to strike the right balance between getting something shipped soon, and making sure what we ship is high enough quality that it’s viewed as a net improvement.

I would love to be involved in the first public beta testing of this feature. The editor has a couple of major pain points that I’ve identified as an agency that improving could increase efficiency significantly. E.g. editing compound expressions is truly awful, and often means you have to rewrite the whole thing to make a minor change unless it’s the last clause.

Congrats on your funding, and I’m hoping to see it take bubble to the next level!