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Monthly Community Update -- December 2021

I have a few major concerns with the current development approach, which I’ve aired a few times in the past:

  1. The rollout of broken features to production without any user control.
  2. The “incompleteness” of features as they are rolled out, and the lack of prioritization based on user feedback.
  3. The abandonment of Bubble plugins.
  • Number 1 is critical for stability. Without it, Bubble becomes a liability.
  • Number 2 is frustrating to say the least. I believe there have been a million requests for specific features, yet we got a magic login link.
  • Number 3 is concerning in that many of the Bubble plugins should be built-in to the standard editor: Drag/Drop, Multi-select, etc. Some of these are so rudimentary and without versioning that to compete with native apps, we would need to write our own plugins.

I hate to be the complainer without solutions… so:

  • Versioning needs a massive improvement. I’d rather have many, many, options for versions of the engine than wake up to new bugs and angry customers. I feel more like a Bubble beta tester than a client.
  • Product roadmap needs to come back and include community voting. A list of bugs and their status should also be included in a separate roadmap.
  • Bubble plugins should be integrated into the standard editor or be open source for the community to complete/expand them.

Two last minor vents - 1. The startup promo from AWS should be available beyond 6 months. Most companies wouldn’t even find that promo in time. 2. The jump from professional to production is prohibitive… Not everyone jumps from 2 developers to 15. We just need 3 and find ourselves paying almost 5x now. Bubble is slowly becoming more expensive and more troublesome than native as we get more entrenched.


@cmarchan, check out this response from Nick in the original thread about the new engine.

I hope that response holds true because I think Nick’s statement about it not going over well if they force users to move off of the legacy engine is a gigantic understatement. I defend Bubble every chance I get, and I think folks can be way too critical of Bubble’s approach to overcoming challenges (primarily technical in nature, but also things such as how they go about prioritizing what they are working on) that the majority of the user base (myself certainly included) can’t really comprehend. That being said, I have no intention of upgrading any of my existing apps to the new engine because I am imagining a ridiculous amount of work to get things to look right, and if Bubble were to force me to spend my time that way, it would be a very difficult pill to swallow.


Thanks @mikeloc !

I remember reading something along these lines. The plan to keep both functional.

Just got thrown off a bit by @josh comment:

But … from both a practical and business view, it would be very hard to deal with only one engine running in the installed base.

I am pretty sure that things will work out well :+1:t2:

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Agree, the vast majority of Bubble plugins are outdated, especially the Full Calendar, Multi-File Uploader and Rich Text Editor plugins

Also, great news for better loading speeds and the new responsive engine :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:


15 USD for referring business? You can not get a hair cut for 15 USD :slight_smile:
Many SAAS companies pay 15-30% commissions. Sometimes this commission is paid for the entire lifetime of the subscription (I personally find lifetime model excessive.)

But one time payment of 15 USD for a product which costs min 25/month is little insulting :slight_smile: especially considering if someone is going to stay at Buuble they will be staying min at PRO package.


The startup promo from AWS should be available beyond 6 months. Most companies wouldn’t even find that promo in time.

What’s the AWS promo? :slight_smile:


AWS activate has a promo for new users on bubble. I did not get it since I was on bubble for 6 months already despite still being a young startup.


Thanks, I had no idea that existed. (And I’ve been a very active Bubble user for quite a while.)


To clarify the responsive engine plan:

  • We have no plans to force apps that are currently on the old engine to move to the new engine: we are very aware of how much work that would be! We can’t commit to supporting the old engine forever, but, if hypothetically we were to decide to remove the old engine some day, we would a) give the community plenty of advanced warning (ie, likely on the order of a year or so), and b) we’d likely only consider initiating a deprecation process after the vast majority of apps had voluntarily switched over. So, no need to worry about being forced into an extremely expensive migration on short notice.
  • That said, we do plan to stop investing in the old engine: we’ll fix anything we inadvertently break, but we aren’t going to be adding new features or fixing long-standing issues. Once the new engine is out of beta, we plan to remove the option to create new blank apps using the old engine.

In other words: if you’ve already invested a lot of time into an app on the old engine, you’re going to be okay – we’re not going to pull the rug out from under you. But, we do see the new engine as the future of Bubble, and once the new engine is out of beta, we will strongly encourage that insofar as you’re starting from a blank slate, either with a new app or a new page, that you use the new engine.


Is this mean that the speed of navigation for multi-pages app will be comparable to single page app?


Thanks @josh for the update! :raised_hands:

Very much looking forward to the server generated HTML/CSS enhancement!


Thanks for the update! I’m most excited about the coming changes to the new responsive engine. I’ve seen how much faster it enables the build process while also keeping things very responsive. Kudos to the team for making it happen.

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Thank you, we have experimented with the Beta and truly find it significantly superior. A question…
Q. We noticed a checkbox regarding a page being “app” ready. Can you elaborate at this time? If not - completely understand.

So on another post I have seen that there is issues with some plugins on the new responsive engine.
One in particular the drag and drop doesn’t work, surely you won’t force people to use the new engine if native bubble plugins don’t work.

Additionally I’d like my voice to be heard in that it will cost you nothing to keep the existing engine available. I have mastered the old system and it’s going to take me quite a while for me to get to the same level with the new engine. Time I currently don’t have, by removing the old engine from new apps you will severely limit the amount of apps I can build in the near future until I can find the time to learn the new engine.

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Thanks for the update @josh - the new responsive editor has been a pleasure to build with. With the planned performance upgrades, it’ll be killer.


I honestly think this part should be almost the #1 priority, so the apps are actually rendered quickly and don’t provide a slow and clunky experience to users.

Looking forward to seeing progress on this front.


+1 on the drag drop native plugin that does not go well with the new responsive engine @josh


Agree with you 100 %. If we can make a Bubble site load almost as fast as a well coded static html site or react app, that would be a massive improvement for Bubble and I would want to use Bubble on nearly every new web project