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Monthly Community Update -- December 2021

Thank you, we have experimented with the Beta and truly find it significantly superior. A question…
Q. We noticed a checkbox regarding a page being “app” ready. Can you elaborate at this time? If not - completely understand.

So on another post I have seen that there is issues with some plugins on the new responsive engine.
One in particular the drag and drop doesn’t work, surely you won’t force people to use the new engine if native bubble plugins don’t work.

Additionally I’d like my voice to be heard in that it will cost you nothing to keep the existing engine available. I have mastered the old system and it’s going to take me quite a while for me to get to the same level with the new engine. Time I currently don’t have, by removing the old engine from new apps you will severely limit the amount of apps I can build in the near future until I can find the time to learn the new engine.

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Thanks for the update @josh - the new responsive editor has been a pleasure to build with. With the planned performance upgrades, it’ll be killer.


I honestly think this part should be almost the #1 priority, so the apps are actually rendered quickly and don’t provide a slow and clunky experience to users.

Looking forward to seeing progress on this front.


+1 on the drag drop native plugin that does not go well with the new responsive engine @josh


Agree with you 100 %. If we can make a Bubble site load almost as fast as a well coded static html site or react app, that would be a massive improvement for Bubble and I would want to use Bubble on nearly every new web project


Is there a noticable page loading speed difference between the legacy version and the new responsive version?