Monthly Community Update -- January 2022

I maybe missed something but what is this about? Automated tests? On your end or for app builders?

Happy new year :smiley:

It’s for bubble internally to be able to eliminate bugs before new releases.

It was discussed in November or December’s monthly report

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Firsf of all, happy new year, and congratulations on your successes. I’m glad to see you’re focusing on improvements to existing systems. Bubble has a surprisingly fleshed out feature-set, but I think we’re all in agreement some of it could use some work. I’m particularly happy about plans to improve the performance of the editor for large apps, as it’s contributed significantly to efficiency problems with some of my clients.

One area I’m really hoping you get to soon is an overhaul of the expression editor. There have been some minor improvements, but it’s still quite a pain to construct and, especially, edit complex expressions. I’d love to see an editor where each sub-expression could be created, edited, or deleted independently, the connecting clauses (and, or, +, -, etc…) chosen separately, and the order changed with ease. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, I’d love to see a more dynamic system for order of operations.


This is the part where I loose most money because of google penalties related to page speed. Do you have any idea when will things start to improve on page load speed? 6 months from now?

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Hi @josh!

Super excited for 2022, is whitelabeling with SaaS apps going to be a thing that’s going to be worked on?

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I doubt they do this beyond their Production plan that allows for subapps. I have whitelabeling for my app through SaaSAlias.

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Just seeing if it’s anywhere near the roadmap since it’s one of the highest voted features.

@nick.carroll anything like this on the roadmap?


What is the link to upvote?

Totally agree! I think “improve initial page load” is the most important thing to do on Bubble.