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Monthly Community Update -- July 2021

Thank you for this monthly update, I really appreciate reading them each time.

My global redesign is on hold, so looking forward to the new responsive engine so that I can move on that topic, Go Bubble, Go!


Thorough update - thanks!

“Little” things like this make a big difference - thank you! I really appreciate the openness of these monthly updates.

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Thanks for the update, team!

I appreciate the updates, @josh. I’m eagerly awaiting the updated editor experience!   :smiley:

It’s great that there’s progress, but the process is still quite lacking - at least from this bug submitter’s point of view. It’s too much work, and there’s no way to be informed of the status of legitimate bugs unless you happen to be the one who submitted it (but even then, it’s far from ideal).

Is there any chance you’d consider integrating the bug forum itself into your official bug reporting process? I mean, Discourse has a fully featured REST API, so it should be straightforward to allow the bug submitter to attach a bug forum topic to an official bug report and then to automatically update the status of that topic as the bug “works its way” through your system - e.g. investigating, confirmed, resolved, etc. (The Bubble team could also contribute freeform comments as necessary.)

Advantages include:

  • Bug submitter wouldn’t have to regurgitate everything they posted on the forum when submitting a report. After getting community verification that a bug report is warranted, they could just link to the forum post. (Of course, they’d still need to provide a project demonstrating the issue, if possible, as well as outline the steps to reproduce it if that’s not already in the forum post.)
  • More transparency, since anyone could check the forum to see the status of any bug.
  • Allow anyone to “+1” the issue or provide additional information or insights that might help the Bubble team track down and resolve it.
  • Decrease the number of people encountering the bug, thereby saving saving time and frustration.
  • Enable people to follow the forum category to automatically keep abreast of existing or potential bugs.

Bubble is great for building web apps, but it’s also a great data integration platform; so this would be an opportunity to leverage the platform and community to improve the product.

Just a thought…



Can’t wait for the new editor redesign and the layout engine.

I’m all in with Bubble and think it’s a great tool.

The one area I would really like to see improvements is in file management. Do you have any plans for this - or are you open to starting initiatives if there are sensible requests?

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There is no ability to organize files, rename, or use an already uploaded file while designing (i.e. images that are already uploaded). It’s so easy to bloat an app with image or other file duplicates because of this. Which directly impacts load time performance.


Is there a change to become alpha tester for the new editor?

Would be happy to jump on another payed plan for this.

But how do you do it?

It was great to discover that we can now change file names when uploading to S3…Except that it appears we can’t.

It seems this should work, except the file name doesn’t change. What’s the secret to success with this action?

Did you find a solution for this?

Best, Peter

I sent a bug report to bubble regarding this and was told this is for bringing files in through an api. It’s not for files you’re uploading directly into bubble.

Does fetching a file through an API call to a Bubble not count as a real API call?

I tried this: How to rename files when saved to S3 - #19 by philledille

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I’m not able to get it working…

I guess the “NEW FILE NAME” is only the name and not including the extension.

If the current file is “Test.jpg” and the input “New file name” contains “example-2”
the new file name should change to “example-2.jpg”?

In my case it still is “Test.jpg” and saved like that.

What do I do wrong?