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Monthly Community Update -- July 2022

Hey @josh

Does this means that “Schedule an API workflow on a list” will run faster?


The multi-language features of Bubble do not translate page texts, links, etc. but only system messages and alerts and dialogs.

There is no way to translate the actual page content dynamically using 3rd party services or services within Bubble itself, and most importantly, those services host the updated language on their own server as fresh and unique code, not simply render the content on the browser in a different language. would have Spanish code and text translations for example, would have French code and translations and text, but everything would still call from Bubble’s base language (whatever language it was originally written in).


One can bulk add custom messages in various languages through this interface which then need to be referenced by their custom message name wherever you want to render them as text, however this doesn’t address being able to translate user generated content (or generally anything fetched from the database).

So I agree this system needs improvement to be more broadly useful.

this meant "off CoffeeScript " right?

also for SEO we need to be able to control URLs, for example having language folders (

I can’t agree more.

@Bubble this capability is really something that should be front lined, especially for global companies and apps.

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@JustinC and @philippe1 I got it working on top of So would load french and would load dutch, etc. I am still working on the language folders (bit harder because of how bubble works).

Do you guys want to beta test?


Yes, I want to test. @gaimed

Thanks, for now I’ll wait for folders as I’m not in a rush but watching (also for white-labelling)