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Monthly Community Update -- November 2022

Congrats on the employee milestone and for having the chance to gather everyone! A great culture for you means a great product, growth and continued support for all of us :slight_smile:


Here’s a small demo:


I’ve been seeing the components feature popsup from time to time on my editor. :thinking: Thanks for the update!

Let’s hope! :smiley:

Agreed. And it’s not just aesthetics. Once you reach a certain level of proficiency with Bubble, aspects of the UI really slow you down and/or become mind-numbingly tedious. At times I feel I use the product despite its deficiencies rather than because of its strengths. :confused:

Fortunately, I’ve been able to craft a Chrome extension which addresses some of these issues for me (which has boosted my productivity), but native functionality designed by a UX professional would be preferred.


Really looking forward to these.

Congratulations on the 100 milestone!



Please also squeeze in rework of the issue checker in the upcoming releases. It needs to be pinned to the side, be able to show more than 4 items (right now the window is too small and it can’t be expanded) and have a possibility of only showing issues for the current page/reusable.


That’s super nice! :blush:


This will be super helpful for the new Bubble designers out there! :blush:

That would be cool! And help speed up development in Bubble :slight_smile:

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Truly enjoyed attending the meet-up in NYC. What a great opportunity to connect with the team at Bubble, bounce ideas around, and meet some amazing other Bubblers in the area! Kudos to you all for hosting & hope to be at the next one, whenever that may be.


Any news on servers in Australia?


You can do that on a dedicated server

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Keep up the great work! You guys are awesome!!

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Willing to shell out the 3600$/month?

I am very impressed with this integration…it demonstrates that Bubble is focused on helping creators with commercial success

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There have been rumors from time to time that documentation is actually going to be brought up to date, but those rumors seemed to have died down.

Can you let us know when you plan on updating Bubble documentation, and dedicating resources to keep it up-to-date with new and upcoming changes/improvements?

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what about python libraries like scipy? we are in need so much of those wonderful tools integrated in bubble projects…

Thank you for the update. Awesome to read about all the new things arriving at bubble. But I would really like to get a feel for when a global infrastructure is arriving.

Do you have any timeframe, ambition or just an idea as to when that will be available? The current pricetag for a dedicated solution is just a showstopper for many startups.


I agree, the issue checker needs an overhaul! Actually bubble should allow publishing with some errors. Bubble will show errors that are unrelated to actual performance i.e copy and paste with styles OR folders that are not existing. It would be ideal when pasting etc that bubble gives options to select for paste…adobe does this in most apps. The amount of time going through meaningless errors created by bubble by pasting is huge! And as per this post, pls make larger, easier option to turn errors on/off and per page.

Just a quick FYI… You can deploy with errors :wink: add &issues_off=true to your editor url

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$3600 US is ridiculous in my opinion.

It prices itself out of the market, when I spoke to the Bubble team they said that it’s a starting price and I tried to throw around some numbers on how many users the $3600 could handle and from memory (which isn’t always that great) they said they’d need advanced notice if 400 users where to sign up around the same time.

Happy to be corrected by real world users on this


In a world where pretty much anyone can one click setup kubernetes and virtual machines, i totally agree with you. Would be totally normal to setup dedicated and private instances anywhere like other services (Xano comes to mind)…