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Monthly Community Update -- October 2021

It’s great to hear these updates, especially regarding the responsive engine. Looking forward to trying out the beta version.

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Love the smaller iterations plan vs overhaul.

Faster community feedback and much more risk adverse.

Thank you for being so transparent!

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I wanted to join bootcamp but didn’t have a chance - all was sold out :sob: Hope the next time you will have more vacancies!

@AliFarahat Exactly. If I had a dime… :sweat_smile:

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No one envies your position here but bravo :clap:t2: . This level of transparency and communication is refreshing and builds loyalty. Thank you


we love you. keep up the good work!

Extremely transparent - it’s appreciated.
Once you have finished productising technical co-founders, I’m backing you to productise the non-technical co-founder’s work too :sweat_smile:


Thank you for this update! Love this approach and can totally agree with this change, however, I am having trouble understanding which areas of the current editor will be focused, upgraded, first. What feedback is already there that reflects the current pain points of the community when working with the current editor? Is the QA testing for these smaller releases to the editor the next step? Will the feature set that will be pulled from the redesign be introduce weekly, monthly, 2021, 2022? Thank you so much!

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The overall strategy sounds on target. The approach to hiring, and technology upgrades, all that makes complete sense and it seems like an intentional, thoughtful approach.

Even backing off the original plan for changes to the editor — this was bold, and I’m sure it was painful. But far better to change direction than to risk disaster.

But as a customer, the new features on this platform have been increasingly few and far between. I’m trying to be fair - but looking back over the past two years or so it seems like the improvements have been incremental, and some cases very minor. From a competitive standpoint I’d hate to see Bubble lose too much ground.

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This is a really great update and so many people will be pleased about this.

This really matches the updates that Emmanuel shared about the roadmap

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To sum it up: hiring and outages plus decision-making.

Josh @josh , as a seasoned manager of software development company (20 years) I do suggest using some time-tracking service with regular screenshots - that would really help seeing who does the talk and who does the work. OKR and KPI also help much. I am sincerely interested in Bubble’s success that’s why I advise it from my real experience. It would be a pain to see great idea to land in the Dilbert’s corporrrate land of no return.

Also, you say you do not admire rewrite but continue rewriting from coffee to JavaScript and then to typescript. Sounds strange to me - it does not bring anything good to end users. Initiative of new hires?

On a side note: I understand that black and indiginious people need to be supported and happy to see their successes in videos.

But when non-discriminative merit-based Immerse program will be available?

Also , when Pro Bootcamp will be available with better pricing preferably, not Usd2000?



Please consider changing the way updates are published. This is a major issue for the bubble ecosystem. Still waiting for a response:


I affirm the idea, @gbenchanoch, and appreciate the sentiment, but I have to say I’ve seen you repeatedly posting across multiple threads expecting an acknowledgement from the Bubble team despite it being the weekend. I’m sure we can expect the team to respond during business hours; they are very good about that.

Thank you! I’m aware that they won’t respond during the weekend. I feel very strongly that this is the biggest issue with the current bubble development team and don’t want to let it slide to the bottom of the community. I rarely post this way but it seems that visibility is crucial for the team to act on this. I’m eager to see what happens this week.

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Omg!!! Can’t wait for this new system :grin::grin::grin::grin: so excited!!!

Just wanted to update you that Josh responded. He transparently explained the update process. I’m not very confident that the update process is the right one and it reduces my confidence in the stability of Bubble. Curious to see what others think and what solutions the community might come up with.

Hi, Bubble engineer here:

The transition from coffeescript to typescript isn’t a rewrite, really. Behind the scenes, the process involves a lot of automated tooling: we grab a chunk of source files, run them through a converter, then clean up any portions that are hard to read or really far from what a human would write or expect to read.

Since coffeescript is compiled to javascript normally anyway, this is not as complex a process as you might first imagine.

Meanwhile, a lot of the bugs that affect users from day-to-day are rooted in human oversights in the code. As a simple example, imagine that there are two functions that may be called from the same place, depending on some condition. If one of these functions always returns a string and the other always returns a number, a human might not realize this and write a followup call that assumes the result is a string.

Typescript helps prevents that by giving computers the boring job of making sure that inputs are always of the correct type, adding an additional layer of protection before we ship new code. This should make Bubble much more reliable over time.


Thank you for being so open.

Well I admit that I have overlooked the fact that you are rewriting (i.e. converting) it from coffeescript. And as multiple sources say, coffeescript is no longer in the news so probably it is a smart move. And the logics behind moving to typescript is understandable - if converting something - why not move it to the next level instead of using jsdoc as a sauce.

Now I see that Bubble ecosystem is run by smart people and hope it will prevent us all from sharp moves, which can endanger it.

I was not interested in history though my father said it is a good thing. Now I understand his advise. It helps not to repeat errors of the others and I have seen at least one mature YCombinator alumni company fail when they have gone the way of React hype the very year it appeared. It could become Bubble 5 years ago. But it did not. Though every team member there have got shiny technology on their resume. So now you can better understand my reasoning.

I’m so glad to read this! I personally love the current editor design and was kind of anxious about how the new design would affect the experience. I’m a bit relieved I must say, especially when knowing this means faster improvements in terms of functionality.

Thanks @josh @emmanuel for the transparency - we are all very appreciative of your hard work and ongoing updates!

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