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Monthly Community Update -- September 2022

Music to my ears. Finally! Exciting ❤️‍🔥

Thank you @josh and Bubble Team


Gosh - I love this!!

I’ve just joined and I’ve never read an update like this before.

You talked about Bubble being used to build phishing websites.

Such a level of transparency with any company is unheard of in my experience.

Keep it up. Things like that will keep me hanging around and encourage me to share my experience.


I completely agree with you on this. Bubble needs to run a stable production framework that doesn’t receive any changes unless the community is given prior notice and preparation.

If they release an update to a dev/staging cluster then users would have an opportunity to report the bug and Bubble could fix it. Rapid iteration is very good and can be very bad if not done well. I think this policy should be given further consideration.

Two seemingly good options:

  1. Lock production/live apps from receiving any changes without said notice
  2. Allow apps to run on the current version OR the previous version of the Bubble platform. Then if they push a change that breaks, individual apps could choose to rollback to the previous version of the platform, report the bug to Bubble and switch back to the current version when the bug was patched/resolved.

Always good to be in the loop. Kudos for that.
See you in No-Code Summit.

Ali Imran


Thanks for the update. Could you share what the followi g goal will allow?

“For the overhaul of our network architecture and infrastructure, we are starting with improving our credentials and configuration management, and aim to have our first production system using the new configuration management by the end of the month.”

Is it for stability or will it open new posibilities?

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Replied to @samnichols and @bubble.trouble here: What is Bubble's policy on pushing changes? - #4 by josh

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Both. Goals are:

  • Increased scalability and reliability for the main cluster: we’d like to split it into multiple shared clusters instead of a single one
  • Improved security
  • The ability to host apps in multiple geographies without requiring users to upgrade to Dedicated hosting

fantastic Bubble, always innovating and making it easy for us.

Wow! This would be FANTASTIC! Can’t wait…


Any ETA when this will be available?
Choosing an own AWS region would be helpful. World is changing pretty fast and most of my clients wants to store their data close by. It’s a bottleneck at the moment.


:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


That’s AMAZING!!!

Awesome, thanks for the update!

Much appreciated @josh!

Really like you are prioritizing the UI. Here’s a bit of feedback and improvement suggestions to the frontpage amongst other things. Would love to do a second round overhaul myself as a UX nerd but hope your team can use it :slight_smile:


Any word on the backend bulk data changes being upgraded?

Would love to know when the regional servers are going to be implemented and if there are expected speed gains to be had if for instance I’m in Australia on an Australian server


Having my app on a server in my region would increase the likelihood of me upgrading to a higher plan significantly. Why upgrade capacity if the region issue is having over your app in the first place. That is at least true in my case.

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So this something thats going to be something that is similar to reuseable elements? just updated? (with new ways to pass state or something similar, with option for nested components? or am i on completely wrong track)

@josh I would like to attend NoCode Summit virtually/remote. Is there any possibility ?

OMG hosting apps in Europe will be a game changer! :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: