Monthly Community Update -- September 2022

Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, some of the changes to Repeating Groups completely broke our paid features yesterday, and we’re now doing damage control trying to make sure we don’t get too many cancellations. From Bubble support:

"We recently rolled out some improvements to the way that we guess the number of cells in infinite scroll repeating groups which makes the scrolling process a bit smoother in most cases. This had the unintended consequence of causing nested repeating groups like this one with no minimum height set to load too many cells for both the parent RG and the interior RGs. "

We use nested Repeating Groups in some of our most-used paid features, and this is causing RGs to load all items at once (there can be 300+), which is crashing the app and massively spiking capacity usage. And there’s literally nothing we can do about it because it was a change Bubble decided to make without notifying us, without allowing us to test, and without us pushing a Bubble version update. Beyond upset right now. We’re just starting to gain traction, and now I’ve got to worry about app-breaking changes being pushed without the opportunity to test first.