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Monthly Community Update -- September 2022

Any word on the backend bulk data changes being upgraded?

Would love to know when the regional servers are going to be implemented and if there are expected speed gains to be had if for instance I’m in Australia on an Australian server


Having my app on a server in my region would increase the likelihood of me upgrading to a higher plan significantly. Why upgrade capacity if the region issue is having over your app in the first place. That is at least true in my case.

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So this something thats going to be something that is similar to reuseable elements? just updated? (with new ways to pass state or something similar, with option for nested components? or am i on completely wrong track)

@josh I would like to attend NoCode Summit virtually/remote. Is there any possibility ?

OMG hosting apps in Europe will be a game changer! :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:


YES. It´s coming up. Thanks a lot @josh

This is amazing: Bubble app on Europe (EU) server located


Can’t wait for this in Australia! This will be a game changer for supporting new clients. With the US$/AUD$ exchange rate the current solution tops out at over 5K per month Australian :sob:

Agreed this is Massive for us down under. I just can’t wait!

Yess! Looking forward to it!

Thanks team!

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