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Ⓜ Moralis SDK by EazyCode


Keen to use your Moralis plugin for our Bubble project, as we use a number of Moralis functions supported by it.

Unfortunately however it doesn’t seem to support Web3Auth (Torus) login, which we need in addition to Metamask.

Moralis supports Web3Auth, so would it be possible to achieve this with the plugin?

Alternatively, would you write a dedicated plugin for Web3Auth login instead?

Many thanks

Hi, thanks for pointing it out, we will definitely add this in the next update as soon as possible.

Hi, in your screenshot seems like you are using the wrong format of double quotes. Make sure they are of standard type. Usually it happens when copy/pasting the json data is reformatting.

From your other screenshot, the owner parameter doesn’t have double quotes, try to add them, and again, make sure they are of standard type.

tks for your reply ! a dedicated web3auth plugin wld be awesome actually, saw on discord that it’s in progress already - look forward to it :))

A separate post on forum will be out soon, but until then, check this :wink:

Thanks that’s great! I’ve just bought it but need a bit of help getting it to work.

Have posted more details on the Web3Auth thread 🛡 Web3Auth - plugin by NovaBloq .

Cheers :slight_smile:

@ezdev Can you add the ability to create a wallet when user signs up with email? Or the ability to link wallet and manage user keys with the app? Cheers.

I have the same problem, I tried manually re-entering json, but it didn’t work. Help me understand please.))


I just had a quick question → What is the process I would go through in order to display NFT images from User’s Metamask Wallet?

I can get to the point of seeing user’s Wallet address, and even being able to display the text information for “All Wallet NFTs” - But I can’t figure out how to display the images.

With that, I’d love to be able to limit it to specific collections as a condition when pulling from the users wallet.

All help is appreciated immensely! Thank you so much.

See this demo page
In the result, there’s a parameter called “image”, you will need to extract that parameter using regex.
You can use this demo page from Web3&Metamask for reference, it uses the same method to extract data from json response.

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Hi, is it possible to make a Contract Write with this plugin? I mean, I have my own contract with custom functions, including some payable functions. Can I call (ie Contract Write) these functions with this plugin ? if yes, can you pls tell how to make the call? Thanks.

Yes, it is possible using action called “Run Contract Function
However it is a bit limited, so I strongly recommend using the Web3&Metamask plugin for Write contract calls, it is way more flexible (there is a also a few demo pages)
It can be combined with Web3Auth if you want to use other wallets besides MetaMask

If you will have more questions, I will be happy to help, join our Discord :wink:

Hi, thanks for your prompt reply.
I had tried Run Contract Function but…it seems only Read interactions can be done with it - while Write function calls seems not to work at all. Also, I have seen that with Run Contract Function I can not send payments (BNB, ETH, etc) along with the Write function call, ie there is not a “value” field to use.
It would be GREAT if you guys could update this plugin with a full functional Write functionality as in Web3&Metamask which I am using perfectly (lovely plugin, good job) and also with the Wallet Connect plugin (I do not remember if it yours, sorry).
This Moralis plugin, IF you guys add a real Write functionality, could avoid develpers using Web3&Metamask and WalletConnect plugins and always keep track of what connection the user has chosen.
I has also tried Web3Modal + Web3&Metamask to do Write calls to my custom contracts, but such combintion seems not realiable, sometimes it get stuck and there is no popup in the Wallet to confirm the transaction, I could not figure it out how to fix this, maybe my fault,I do not know… I decided to stay with Web3&Metamask + WalletConnect plugins - until you upgrade Moralis plugin :-).
I do not know Web3Auth, I will double check if it fits my “Write” needs.


I am using the plugin to pull all nfts from a contract. I’ve previously tried to pull this data straight from Moralis’ API but between the 100 record limit, cursor, and backend workflows being soooo sloooow in bubble, this plugin is essentially my last option.

I have logged into the SDK. I have the app url and app id added to the plugin.

When I request all nfts from a contract I get the error, “The plugin Moralis SDK / element Moralis SDK threw the following error: Error: Expected a string, but got a object”.
Here are the two debug error messages:

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Hi, Is this plugin compatible with moralis sdk ver2?

hey I am trying to run the workflow to get all NFTs from a specific contract owned by the user currently logged into metamask and I’m not getting any results. Below is my setup:

However, I am able to run the workflow to get all NFTs from wallet successfully with similar config (except the required contract address). I’m running this on rinkeby and can confirm the contract address to be accurate. Any suggestions?

First thing, try to to this combination but with Web3Auth instead, it is more stable.
Note that if you are connecting through social networks such as gmail, the confirmation won’t popup and the action will perform automatically.

We at NovaBloq think that running any interaction with smart contracts is more powerful when doing it directly with such plugins as Web3 or WalletConnect, rather than via SDK such as Moralis, which is constantly changing and is way more limited and on top of that requires a monthly subscription the price of which can significantly increase with the growth of users of your app.
So, we definetelly recommend to debug any issues you have with web3 plugin, we can definitely help you with it (join our Discord for faster communication)

Hi, please send me in PM a screenshot with the parameters you are using to run this aciton.

I already moved on.

any suggestion on my question/