More Information on the Request Temp Password Option


I am trying to setup a app were Moderators, and Administrators create accounts for community users. I have the workflow setup for to create an account for someone else, but I am having an issue with assigning a temporary password. If anyone has any more information please let me know!


@greg4 - could you provide more context as to the issue you’re running into? (Ie. at what point are things not working in the way you’d like).

@dan1 Im able to get as far as being able to assign the temp password. Do i need to have it setup as a field in a database, or were do I put the password?

When you assign a temporary password, you have the ability to access that as a text reference in subsequent steps in the workflow.

You could send this in an email, save it as a field on the user (although I don’t really recommend doing so), etc. by referencing results of step’s workflow (see example below).


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