More Speed Issues

Hi all;

My site,, is loading extremely slowly again.

I’ve broken up the data fields into smaller chunks on the back end and yet it’s loading brutally slowly.

Any suggestions on what I can do to speed it up would be extremely appreciated.

Thanks very much.



It’s difficult to make any specific recommendations without knowing more about your data structure, your workflows and searches. Perhaps you could share some more info, so we could make some specific recommendations.

I’ve had some good results with the following:

Setting custom states on the page.
Minimizing the number of steps in my “button pressed” workflows. I now use “Schedule API workflow” for complicated events.
When creating a new “thing”, try to do it all in one step to the greatest extent possible. Originally, I followed create a thing with several steps of “make changes to a thing”.
When setting a field, “do a search for…” is slow.
Showing alert messages and spinners can make the wait seem shorter.


Great, thank you very much for the help, I will review and see if I can make some changes…

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