MOREPHO - App launch on Apple & Google!

Hi everyone!

My app MOREPHO was just approved on the App Store & Google Play! Big shoutout to Ryan Badger and his Bootcamp that I joined back in February ‘21. That 8-week class with Ryan was instrumental in making this nugget of an idea into a fully functional app - which has been getting some real organic traction from all over the US! Another big shoutout to @gaurav at theBDK for the native app build to get MOREPHO on the app stores, Gaurav is super supportive & patient! … And of course, the team at Bubble, thanks so much in making an amazing product and cultivating such a great community.

Please check out MOREPHO! And let me know what you think! I even have a feedback survey in the “Contact” page, giving out gifts!

Wish me luck!



Congrats! That app looks fantastic. I’m getting more and more curious about native apps with Bubble. Gotta check out @gaurav 's work.

@johnvandall well I’m glad my bootcamp was a help, but I don’t recall ever running a bootcamp? :sweat_smile:
Did you @ the wrong person?