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Most Effective E-Comm Solution (as a feature within a larger app)

Hi, first time poster here.

I’m in the process of building a web app: index of skateparks with user profiles.

Cool, I’m solid on that. Did all the bubble lessons twice, did my bubble 1 week intensive bootcamp, and I’ve been building wysiwyg sites for 10+ years now so no surprises.

But, I need to add a web shop to our app. And this is where I’m hung up. It’s not worth it for me to spend my time building a web shop in Bubble, and I’m also not interested in learning from the potential challenges it may present–I got plenty other challenges to handle right now with the skatepark index.

From what I can gather, my options are:

Purchase a template and use it as a sub app–which sounds like a reasonable stop-gap for holiday season, but a terrible solution long-term. I’m not interested in managing separate databases, or separate sites. I came to Bubble because Squarespace can no longer meet my needs, and I want to build the exact solution I need. So, I don’t wanna start by buying something that makes my life more difficult.


Hire someone to build out the web shop on our app.

Am I getting this right? Is there not a more efficient way for me to purchase some sort of functional bundle of No-Codeness hat will implement this routine set of functions on my app?

Hi @zach8,

You can purchase a template and integrate in to your existing app (that is basically your ‘functional bundle of no-codeness’)- no need to have a sub app :slight_smile: You can also use a template as a base and customise to be exactly what you want :slight_smile:

There are definitely pros and cons to template, but they can be a good solution :slight_smile:

You have 3 solutions for a shop:

  1. build from scratch in your app
  2. buy template and integrate
  3. integrate with a 3rd party e-commerce solution

All of these have pros and cons, personally I would be first trying to see if there is a template that comes very close to what I need and integrate in to existing app.

If you need any help with this shoot me a DM :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!

Is there documentation to follow? I tried searching a bunch of different things to find a way to do this, and got nothing.