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Most efficient way to access, store, utilize the data from this txt file

Hi, I am working on a data visualization project where I will use information from the national buoy data center to create charts, graphs, etc. The buoy data seems to be most easily available in text files that are publicly accessible via http requests.

My trouble is, I can’t seem to figure out how to parse and store this data (I’m not even sure if that’s exactly the right way to be approaching this either).

I have tried to use the bubble api connector plugin, but can’t figure out how to parse the data out of the text file in bubble.

I have tried to use zapier/integromat to do the api calls and send that data to Airtable.

I am currently using excel and power queries to continually update this data then I pull the data from excel into airtable with the help of integromat, then I use the airtable plugin to access the data finally in y bubble app. Except it doesn’t retain it’s organization, and winds up presenting in a random order instead of chronologically.

I know there must be another way to do this but I can’t seem to work it out. Hoping a fresh set of eyes is all it takes. Thanks for any help.

Link to 5day tabular txt file I would like to use

Link to current observation txt file that I could use instead