Most efficient way to allow a user to interact with a large database

Hi Bubblers !

I am currently building an app to allow an organisation to rent hardware to its members.

Each thing of the hardware database have 20 fields : texts, yes/no, dates and images. The database itself has 300 to 500 things.

What I want to build is an interface that allows an admin user of the app to go through the hardware database and update any field.

For now, I created a Repeating Group with autobiding displays of the fields.
The most user-friendly approach I thought of it to display all the database in a big table, as we would in an excel file. The big problem with this approach is the repeating group takes a lot of time to load (around 45 seconds).

Are there other approaches I should explore to reduce loading time to a minimum ?

Thank you !

(tags or “categories”)

Use popups with repeating groups doing searches for the database information (filtered or not).

Display the information in a simple manner on other repeating groups and use floating groups or popups to display all fields of an item, only when the user wants to see it. Like this:

Thank you for your answer !
Displaying fields on demand seems to be a good approach, I will look into it :slight_smile:

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