Most efficient way to business opening hours?

So, with Bubble’s new workload feature, this has been a recurring thought in all apps. In this particular one, the directors say they’ll have dozens of thousands of business by the first year, so, I thought to improve everything that I can while I can.

I saw this discussion is kind of frequent around here, but we don’t have a standard yet, nor mention on workload. Or do we?

My first one was to go on the Google’s path, which I understand is something like these, but then again, we barely know Bubbles workload consumption yet.
I’m also worried if I should just keep within business table (as fields) or standard as table itself connected to their business table.

In my case, like most, we may have busineses that open and closes twice a day, as well as night clubs that may open on a day and closes inside another day.

I’m not soo sure what you’re asking (or what it has to do with WU consumption)…?..

What exactly is your question?

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