Most SEO-friendly way to set language on Index page

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I’m building a multi-language site using the URL path to define the language in which the content is shown (ie .com/category/es would show the content in Spanish). I do this by altering the URL path using Sudsy plugin upon switching the language via a dropdown button in the header (I don’t like the way bubble picks the language for things such as their AppText elements because it’s well known that they don’t use SEO friendly techniques for it). This would subsequently change the hreflang parameter in the HTML to indicate Google the right language to crawl this site with.

This should be fine for all pages that are not the Index ones, but I’m wondering what the best way is for the Index one (Sudsy doesn’t work here):

  • Should I create separate pages (ie “en”, “es”) and replicate the index page on each of these with the content translated? When a user comes into the main page, it will simply show a pop up that will force them to choose a language and hence will be re-directed to the relevant language “index” page. Ideally Google would jut index my .com/en and .com/es as opposed to the .com one.

Any thoughts? How are people approaching this?

Many thanks!

That would work

Just indicate to Google to not index the .com page

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