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Movable Repeating Group like table-responsive

Hi there,

Looking at some general (non Bubble) dashboard templates. I noticed that when using tables/grids on small screens the whole table is movable from left to right and vice versa in it’s container. I believe it is managed by the ‘table-responsive’ css class.

In Bubble I would like to have a repeating group that is fixed width and that is movable from left to right and vice versa in it’s container (for example a group). Then on wide screen when the container is stretched the repeating group is centered and fixed and therefore not movable.

Is this possible with a no-code configuration. So no CSS toolkits or other scripting plugins?

No, not possible without some CSS or HTML or possibly even Javascript manipulation. I’ve had a request for this functionality since 2016, but since it IS possible with a bit of light scripting, most folks just opt to grab time with a guru, hammer it out, and move on.

Thanks. I will fiddle around with the standard responsiveness configuration.