Move clicked Cell at the top of Repeating Goup


I’m having trouble to find how to put a cell at the top of my repeating group when the user clicks on that cell.

Background: My app has a list of venues, displayed into a repeating group on the left and a shown on a map on the right.
The user can use the search bar to show venues in a country/region/city. This reorganize the list with relevant venues for that region.

Now what I’d like to do is:
When a user clicks on a Venue’s Name in a Cell of the repeating group, that Cell is moved to the top of the repeating group, ultimately followed by nearby Venues.

At the moment the repeating group is sorted by: Address is within 100km of the Input Search’s value

How can I do that? couldn’t find on the forum


Will this work?
When a cell is clicked sort the repeating group by Address is withing 100km of Current cells Address.

Thanks for your reply. Couldn’t find how to do that. Still pulling my hair at this.

Something like below.
The bus is a like your venue, and position is the location of your venue

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damn’ he’s good.
Thanks mate! Works nicely

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