Move Database to EU Servers


someone has experiences moving bubble data base on a third party server in Europe? I guess the best solution is by using the sql database connector. I would like to move the database to my google servers. Happy to accept freelance offers for doing this.


Hello @spali

I’m able to help you with you request. Can you DM so we can move forward with this job?

HI @AlexanderS I just need to move one data type with like 10 fields. Also a backend workflow is involved. It is a small app. One client wants to host his data in Europe and Bubble does not offer this. What would you guess on the price?

I would love to just coach you through this process so that you know how to do it for your next client. It’s incredibly easy.

I would think that this should take no longer than about 1-4 hours to set up for you depending on how complex the back and workflow is and if you need to move the entire thing to xano which you probably will

love this approach… let us talk tomorrow!

@spali If you just want to move one data type, the easiest solution is Xano. It’s simple to set up, and they have good video tutorials on their channel. It shouldn’t take more than a few hours.

Bubble tutorials

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I sent you more details in PM