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Move popup from center to different location? Two popups at the same time


is it possible to move a popup from the center to the side? I would like to have 2 popups at the same time.
One is for input and the second should be optional and show infos. So a user can click “help” for example and a second popup will open with some additional infos.

Is that somehow possible?

Thank you!

I don’t quite understand your problem.

If the help button is on the page, a user clicks that, then a popup will open?

Are you saying that a user clicks something, then the “Help” pop up opens and then afterward, they click something inside of “Help” additional info appears inside a popup?

exacty. The user opens one popup and then clicks a button and another popup opens. So he can see both popups side by side.

I think your best bet would be to make one large popup and two groups within that popup. Using shapes and hiding workflows you could recreate the appearance of two separate pop ups.