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I am building out a task feature within my SaaS application. When completing a task I want the completed tasks to move to the bottom of the list of tasks. How is this done?

Hi there, @jakeyeaton… based on what I know from your other thread today, you should be able to add a sort (ascending) on the completed field to the repeating group’s data source, and that should move all tasks where the completed field is set to yes to the bottom of the list.

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Can you go into more detail about what a “add a sort (ascending)” is?

You can add a sort in the constraints area of the search or you can add the :sorted option to the end of the data source and define the sort via that option.

Okay I am sorry. I am a newbie. But I am not understanding where to implement this feature. Would it be within a workflow or within a group or is it within the data section? I can provide Loom videos and/or screenshots if needed.

It’s on the data source for the repeating group that shows the tasks. Here is where those options are (you can use either one because they both do the same thing) using an example with a repeating group for users.

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Awesome this works. But my checkbox doesn’t fill in anymore. I have a workflow when the checkbox is clicked THEN it updated the completed filed to “yes” and another workflow which works if a checked checkbox is unchecked then it updates the completed filed to “no”.

Here is a loom video of the issue:

Did you set conditions on the checkbox ?

The best way to check why some things aren’t working is to use the debugger > inspect element > select your checkbox and see why they aren’t behaving the way you’d expect them to be. That skill will be very handy in helping you in most cases

Adding a sort shouldn’t have broken your checkbox functionality. If you can share some screenshots or a video of your workflows, I’m sure we can figure it out.

Thank you. Here is a video of my workflows for tasks.

Here is a video of the database setup I have for tasks:

Hmm, shouldn’t there be a condition on the checkbox that says when the parent group’s task’s completed field is yes, then the checkbox is checked?

Yes I changed those settings and It ended up not checking my checkbox when I check it. But everything else is working just fine. So knowing my workflows above. How would I get the checkbox to be checked when checked? I hope that make sense :laughing:

I think it’s what I said in my last response… add a condition to the checkbox element that says when Parent group's Task's completed is yes, the checkbox is checked. Example…


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Thank you so much! This was very helpful.

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