Move values from one input to another

I know this is random, but I’m running out of ideas here. I’m hoping the community has an idea.

Scenario: I have a form that users fill out when they are evaluating staff. They have asked for a way to shortcut certain preset phrases. Essentially phrases they would say often.

My Proposed Solution: I tried to add an icon that would bring up a group focus with a drop down of preset statements. My goal was to select that statement, click a plus icon, and the statement would be moved into the multi-line input. I can’t auto bind it because the form is not created until it is submitted.

Problem: I’m not sure how to do this push of text from the drop down to the multi-line input.

Any ideas community?:man_mechanic:

Maybe if you create a temp form before it is submitted?

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It’s not a bad recommendation at all, but I was hoping for something a little more simple.

You can push data to a state instead and use the state to set value of the field

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This should do the trick.

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Interesting…I’ll admit this isn’t something I have done before. I’ll have to research that.

Good recommendation and great profile pic. Frog strong!

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@josh10 Also look the great plugins BDK RepeatingGroup Tools and BDK Utilities (list).

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Are you trying to have your form have something similar to auto-fill?

Essentially yes…except with also having the ability to provide additional feedback. Think you were a physician and wanted to enter procedure notes. You may grab a quick statement from the statement library and then add additional information below it. However, you would want it all in one narrative statement.

Interesting…I haven’t tried that out, but I’m going to see if it has the ability to push from the RG to a Multiline input.

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