Moving Conditional Formatting Conditions Up/Down... The "Condition" moves, but not the "Properties to Change". Is this a bug?

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the intent here. But this looks like a bug (and, AFAICT, Bubble has always behaved this way in the short time I’ve been using it). Here’s the situation:

  1. When one clicks “Move Up” or “Move Down” in the Element palette’s Conditional formatting tab…
  2. The “Condition” moves down, but the “Things to change when this condition is true” settings stay put…
  3. That is, they do not follow the “Condition” – which, to my mind, they should stay “attached” to.

Here’s a graphical example: I am building a very sophisticated “stateless” calendar/date-picker which (as you might imagine) has a clickable date element on it that has a HUGE list of conditions on it. The ORDER of these conditions is rather important. However, as I add new conditions and need to reposition them so they get evaluated in the right order, it’s a huge PIA, because… Well, watch what happens:

Here are some conditions at the very top of the list. I need to move the second one up to the top (or, conversely, move the top one down one notch):

If I click “Move Down” for this condition, here’s what happens (see second picture):

You’ll note that the “When’s” have change places, but the PROPERTIES have NOT. (The red transp color is still associated with the “top” position and the grey transp color is still associated with the “second” position.) This may seem like a minor inconvenience but note that other important parameters like clickable or visible or whatnot would, in other cases, not follow along.

SO, the question IS: Is this INTENDED behavior? Because it seems broken to me. If it’s not broken, why on earth should one desire it to be the way that it is.

Also, how come nobody notices this… Have I just hit a weird edge case? (i.e., maybe this DOES work as I expect in other scenarios)…

Any insights appreciated!


UPDATE: Definitely a bug. The issue is this: It looks as if background color is being ignored as a unique “property to change” if all other properties are identical.

Taking my original post as an example: If – before trying to move the conditions – you add a new “property to change” to one of them (such that they are no longer identical, ignoring background color), the move up/down will happen as expected.

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