Moving inputs (of same fields) from 1 database to another

Hi All,

I was hoping I could get some help from you as I’m running into a problem that I can’t wrap my head around.

I’m creating a job marketplace and have 3 databases (with identical fields) for the employer. The databases are:

  1. All applicants: People who have applied to the employer’s job post (contact details are kept secret)
  2. Pre-selected applicants: Applicants who have been pre-selected based off their initial qualities. A video of the applicant answering job questions can now be viewed (contact details are still kept secret)
  3. Selected applicants: Applicants the employer has chosen to be interviewed (contact details are now available after paying a fee)

As mentioned, the fields for the 3 databases are the same:

  1. Applicant profile
  2. The job post
  3. Video file

For some reason, I’m unable to display the details of the candidate from the selected applicants database in a repeating group. Was wondering if anyone could give some top-line advice on how to fix this?

I’m copying the editable link here if you’d like to a deep-dive:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Before digging into this specific solution, is there any reason you don’t combine those 3 tables into 1 table, with the fields:

  • Applicant Profile
  • Job Post
  • VIdeo File
  • isPreSelected (yes/no)
  • isSelected (yes/no)

It seems to me that this suggested database structure would give you more flexibility throughout your app.

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Hi Scott,

Huge thanks for the speedy reply and alternative suggestion. I hadn’t thought about it like that–what sort of flexibility would 1 database provide?


My gut reaction is that it just seems like a better approach.

As I dig deeper, I guess you could do all of the same calculations with the current structure but there’d be instances where you’d need to grab data from 2 tables so it’s slower (and harder to “search for” in bubble).

With 3 tables it also seems harder to maintain and a bit less future proof. Not a huge deal either way, I wouldn’t think, but having essentially the same data but with a different flag put into different tables just feels like it could create unnecessary complexity for you.

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Huge thanks again Scott. I’ll give it a go and see what happens. I’m all for future proofing.

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