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Moving to a previous Group

@natedogg how do you handle moving BACKWARDS between groups in a native app?

I’ve found it’s best to not think of things as forward and backward. You have 10 different groups, their names are 1, 2, 3, etc. All you’re doing is choosing which group to show, there’s no order. So you can have Group 3 direct to Group 10. It all depends on what action the user takes, then you just direct them to the appropriate group.

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This makes sense. But does the app remember the state of that group. Lets say I’m doing a search and the user clicks on a cell taking them to a new group. If I set a “back” button to take them back to the search results group, would the results still be there?

I believe they would, all you’re doing is showing/hiding. You’re not technically navigating anywhere, so I would assume the group would be as you left it.

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Perfect. Thanks for your guidance.