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Multi Dropdown but you can add new Item if in dropdown does not exist

Hi, I want to create a multi dropdown where one can add option if it does not exist.

Select a City

  1. Hamburg,
  2. Munich
  3. Berlin
    Add new item

e.g if a user wants to select frankfurt and its not in the list, he can easily add it in dropdown and select it.

Is it possible to do it in Bubble

This is one of the best plugins for this: Selectize

Forum post:


thanks a lot. I installed it and looks very promising.

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If you’re using Bubble’s Multi dropdown element and have it set to dynamic choices (i.e. data from the Bubble DB), this is as easy as adding a new thing to the DB.

In other words, you get this functionality out of the box. Bubble will just “auto-magically” update the element with new choices when items are added to the database.

Or am I misunderstanding some aspect of your requirements?


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Hi @sudsy !

I think that Bubble’s Multidropdown doesn’t let you write another text beside the ones the plugin is already geting dynamically

So if I am retrieving user’s name, I can’t write a name that I don’t have in my database, am I wrong?

I guess I didn’t understand that having the button itself appear in the list was part of the requirement.

That said, one could easily create a custom multi-select element using a repeating group. It’s pretty straightforward and would be fully customizable. The Add new item button could be placed at the top, bottom, or anywhere else on the page. Bubble is quite flexible in that regard.

Anyway, it’s good to have options.


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