Multi Dropdown does not refresh Default Value

Hello all!

I’m using the Multi Dropdown to pre-load a list of courses an user had already enrolled (from a custom state) and giving the option to the user do add more courses to it to then end the process. The process works fine when the user clicks to add a course (updating the custom state) BUT if the user decides to delete the course (also updating the custom state) the Multi Dropdown does not refresh to the new custom state value. I’ve tested showing the custom state value as text and it is ok…the problem is within the Multi Dropdown (the added course is there as an option but it is not added as a Default Value as it happens in the first time).

I know I could use other elements to do the same process but the visual aid the MultiDrowdown allows is very good.

Thanks in advance!

Did u try this? When the user deletes the course, starts an event that reset the multidropdown too, returning the new custom state as default value.

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Thanks @Newed. It is working now!

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