Multi-dropdown element - custom user entries not showing in repeating groups

I have a form where users enter a personal record, their name, address, email etc, and then select via a multi-select dropdown element what team they belong in. There is a pre-defined list for the common teams, but the user has the option to input their own too. When the user inputs their own team name, this newly added staff will appear in the repeating group on the page with the user inputted name displaying as expected.

Now, when the user clicks the Edit button a pop-up appears with a repeating group that allows the user to amend this record. All of the information of that staff member is shown, except the multi-select element only when the user has entered a custom entry. If the user selected from the pre-defined drop down, then there is no issue, it displays as expected. It’s only doesn’t show the users entry. I’m sure this is down to an incorrect expression.

Here is the custom team name showing on the page just fine (not from the predefined list):

Quality Assurance was not in the predefined list, so it’s added here by the user.

When the user clicks edit (edit button can’t be seen in that screenshot above), the Quality Assurance isn’t visible:

Here’s the expression. It’s the same as the other elements, taking from the parent’s group data:

Any ideas where I am going wrong in the display of custom user entries?

Hi there, @JS7319… if I understand your post correctly, the issue is that you are using static choices, and while you are giving users the ability to type new texts, a newly-typed text doesn’t get added to the dropdown’s static choices. So, the dropdown can’t display a custom user entry because the entry is not actually an option in the dropdown. Make sense?

For more info, I think this video should help.


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