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Multi Dropdown, how do I filter a repeating group by multiple values?

Hi everyone, I’m using the Multi Dropdown plugin to try and create a search filter but having issues. I have a field called “status” that is a text field that can only ever contain one value, like Open, Resolved, Pending, and so on. I then have a Multi Dropdown which lists all these status to select the ones you want the repeating group to show, like this:


And when selected:


I’m just not clear how to do a workflow that when the button Execute Filter is pressed, it filters that repeating group based on all the criteria, and in this case shows all records that have ANY of the values selected. So in the screenshot above if I just pick “Pending Pricing Approval” it shows the 3 records that have that, but if I then add “3rd Party Requested” it says nothing is found, even though there’s 2 with that status.

I tried putting status = this dropdown, as well as status contains this dropdown but none of them seem to work. The goal is to have the user select multiple options and then have the repeating group show them all


might want to think about having repeating groups that are “hidden” in popups that contain the list of things you are wanting to filter through

Another idea is using custom states to set your filters

You could check a post of my a while back on search results that may help

Did you ever figure this out ? I wanna solve similar problem.

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If I understand correctly, I wonder if the is in operator (depicted in the OP’s screenshot) would do the trick. Its purpose is to return “yes” if a value “is in” a list of values.