Multi dropdown plugin data in database?

Hi people, My question is simple I’m using multi dropdown plugin to save the data in database, I’m working on an task manager app where I want to assign the list of users to show in database. I’m unable to do it, I hope there must be a solution for it.


Can you post some screenshots of your current setup + database structure please.

Screenshot 2023-12-12 204027

Wow thats a lot of text fields.

Assign To should probably be a list of Users.

Do you know that you can link other dataThings (ie. Users, Tasks, Projects) as fields to dataTypes?
So in your case ‘Assign to’ & ‘Who else can view this task’ could be a list of users.

Thanks for replying :grinning :grinning:
I got the solution we have to use each item value while creating a task.


That’s not the solution… you will really want to look at Academy | Bubble and understand the basics of database structure else you’re going to hit severe roadblocks in like 30 minutes.

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