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Multi File Input Remove File Button


When I utilize the Multi File Input I am able to see where the remove file option is. However how can I set it so when one removes a file that file from this box is also removed from the database? Right now it shows as a file removed but it still appears in database. Worse yet because the input has changed it creates another blank file entry in the database.

Right, you need to save the new modification with a make to change action. keep in mind the multifile input is an input, not a direct representation of the database.

Ok I did not quite get that. So how would I set up the input multiple file box initially.

Create a new thing when the element value is changed?

Then when the file is removed then technically a new thing is created?

So what would I set in terms of workflow to ensure when the “Remove File” part of the multi file box is clicked, it will remove the file from the database as well?

So you use the initial content of the input to display what it currently is, and the you have a save button under to save the change, using the input’s value. You can also use a ‘Input value is changed’ event, it’s up to you, depends on the UX you want to build.

Why don’t you try on the forum_app if it’s not clear and people can help in the app directly?