Multi-File Uploader "Incompatible Type" with RG

Hello everyone!

I’m using the Multi-File Uploader element and trying to set it as the data source in a repeating group for a more palatable display for the image upload workflow.

The issue is that the Multi-File Uploader is not a selectable option in the data source drop down in the RG. I’ve found lots of tutorials and some are older but they all indicate that I should be able to map the RG to the Multi-File Uploader, but when I try to select it, it’s greyed out as “incompatible.” I have tried changing the type of data of my RG to get it to match but I am not having any luck.

Any guidance is appreciated! Screenshot attached.

I’m guessing you have a datatype called ‘File’ (with a capital ‘F’)…

So, that’s a custom datatype (which you happen to have called File), but it’s NOT a ‘file’ (note the lowercase ‘f’).

Your RG content type is set to ‘File’ (your custom datatype), and not ‘file’ (the actual type of data that is a file, and the type of which is the MultiFile Uploader’s type)…

So, just change the RG content type from ‘File’ to ‘file’ and you should be able to use the MultiFile Uploader’s value as its datasource.

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Holy cow, thank you!

Yes, I’d made a custom data type called “File” because the video tutorial I was watching was referencing “file.” I wasn’t able to find it in the first place so I thought she’d added it herself. I see the data type now that’s direct from the multi-uploader.

Thank you so much! I’m glad I capitalized my custom type :sweat_smile: