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Multi files updater and Airtable

Dear all,

I have an issue that I can not solve despite all my efforts…

I am using Airtable as a database where customers can upload and download their files (ID, contracts, etc.). I need the data in Airtable as it is more convenient to handle for other linked data.

No matter how I try, multi files updater in the bubble app is only updateing the attachment field in Airtable with the last item uploaded and not the rest. I guess item#1 is uploaded, immediately replaced by item#2 and so on.

I tried bypassing the issue by having several simple files updater creating a new record in Slack each time and merge them in Airtable but it did not work either.

Is there anyone who managed to update an attachment field in Airtable with several documents from a multi file updater in bubble ? Or is it simply impossible?

Thank you for your help,